Irish Red and White Setter – About Breed: Temperament & Personality
Is the Irish Red and White Setter the Right Dog for You?

General appearance: Strong well balanced and proportioned without lumber; athletic rather than racy. The Irish Red & White Setter is bred primarily for the field and must be judged chiefly from the working standpoint.

Behavior/temperament: Aristocratic, keen and intelligent. Displays a kindly, friendly attitude, behind which should be discernible determination, courage and high spirit. The Red and White Setter is very friendly, dependable and easily trained gun dog.

From their posture and temper both Irish setter breeds are similar although there are some differences between them. Irish Red&White retained the older type of stature because they are bred mainly for field work. They are more massive and usually a bit lower. They have lower embedded, wider and shorter ears and less abundant coat on limbs and tail. If it comes to their temper then like their red cousins, they are full of life and energy yet react less impulsive. They learn very fast and their training is not a hard thing.

Without a doubt Irish Red&White is an eye ­catching dog. Although the breed itself is mostly known for it’s long and silky coat with shiny chestnut patches, it’s character is also one of a kind. It’s a dog without tendencies towards aggressive behavior, friendly and loving which perfectly fits as a companion for children at any age and family pet no matter if we buy a bitch or a dog. Moreover most owners who own both bitches and dogs are of the opinion that the dogs are more playful despite growing in age. IRWS loves any kind of fun as long as it means movement and activity (retrieving, catching snowballs, playing with a ball or even hide&seek). He is such a devoted friend, that he will surely never do any harm to a child  (family tested and approved). It also needs to be noted that despite their typical Irish character, with playful and impish nature, they tend to be a little withdrawn during their first contact with people, being able to back away and eye somebody, before offering the friendly paw. Just like he needs to check that person first. Irish red and Whites are also very extroverted and and emotional. They love being in the center of attention, constantly begging for interest. Because of that, they hate being lonely, so they are constantly following their master. That’s why they are being called “shadow dogs” for following like a shadow after their owner wherever he goes inside the house or outside. It is important to understand that a people-loving dog like the Irish Red and White Setter needs to live “with human”. They have a delicate psyche though and require close contact with owner. That is why they should not be left alone for a whole day nor isolated in a coop or relegated to the backyard with no human companionship.

Overall setters are considered to mature a bit slower than other breeds whereas Red&Whites are said to mature faster than other setters, while still being like little kids – full of energy and playful. Irish Red and White is a sensitive and intelligent dog that requires very moderate (gentle yet consistent) approach during training than other setter breeds because he does not tolerate as heavy treating and training methods like for example Gordon Setters. When R&W knows that he completed his task or did something well, can drive you crazy by his constant attempts to repeat his achievement. Despite his high intelligence, he still needs continuous training with a large dose of patience. Some of those who had the opportunity to training both Irish and Irish Red&White setters say, that it is easier to train R&W because they have more gentle character and are more keen on cooperation. It is best to train them with short periods but frequent repeats; 5 or 10 minutes twice a day will give much better results than an hour long take at once. Red and Whites just like other setters need a lot of activity and they feel bad kept at small space. An adult dog can hold on on a walk longer than his owner without problems. Additionally an opportunity to let the dog run loose on an opened space is needed to keep an IRWS in a good physical and mental condition. Without enough activity, the Red and White will become bored and mischievous, which leads to a chaos. They will find a satisfying form of activity on their own but it is always with a loss for their owner. That is why it is so important to give our Red&White sufficient amount of mental challenges and physical activity. When tired after walk, he will behave much calmly at home. Choose an Irish Red & White Setter if you are an active person who can give him the exercise he needs. Every owner of an IRWS must remember that in his first year of life he must avoid too much jumping, heavy pushing during walks, running on stairs and such because these things are a huge burden for a growing dogs joints.

Despite they are hunting dogs, we ourselves do not have to be hunters. Red and Whites are very adaptable, perfect for those who like going outside and actively spend their free time. That is why they are doing not only in the field but also in many kind of sports like running along bike or a horse, jogging, Frisbee, fly ball, agility, obedience but also in rescuing,therapy or sleight sports. IRWS are perseverance and resistant but also swift and agile, what makes them a fantastic help for every huntsman. He gladly obeys and is keen on working together with others. He retrieves naturally without any training and despite very strong natural instinct has no tendency for running away. Hunters praise their working capabilities as they are more enduring than Irish Setters and faster and more submissive than Gordon Setters. They are also doing well in rough weather conditions. Except field they greatly prove themselves in woods or water and when retrieving they will without hesitation jump into rapid river or deep lake, where they can do great distances. IRWS are very precise and persistent when working, because they will look for shot bird all the way. Their specialty is working on a feather which means searching for partridges, pheasants, retrieving ducks and so on. In some countries they even retrieve foxes and hares or are trained on blood. In Ireland it is also more and more common that they are going to falconers. Irish Red and White setters are extremely alert and will warn about any suspicious sound but they will never become a guarding dog because they are way too friendly towards people. They tend to bark at dogs which are strangers to them, but as soon as someone crosses the line of their yard, they will welcome him warmly.

Irish Red and White Setter doesn’t like to be bored. So here is how can be joined business with pleasure to see that your setter is happy:.