Like most Sporting breeds, Irish Setters need plenty of daily exercise. This can come in the form of long daily walks and play sessions with their owners—Irish Setters love to be with their people. The breed also exercises mind and body by participating in canine sports such as obediencetrackingagilityrally, and other activities that can be enjoyed by both dog and owner.

The IRWS is a high-energy dog and requires a lot of exercise. A bored and under-exercised IRWS can be a handful to live with. Provide the IRWS puppy with plenty of low-impact activity to channel his abundant energy and stimulate his mind. While this breed is in its growth stage (puppy to 18 months), it is important to give them regular exercise and long walks while also protecting their forming joints—this means no jogging or biking. Free exercise in a fenced area is ideal and means the pup stops when he is tired. Upon maturity, the Irish Red and White Setter is an ideal walking, hiking, and biking companion.