Before you buy a setter – Is a setter breed right for me?

1. Make sure, than no one in your homes has alergy, asthma or any other condition that prevents you from having a pet.

2. Don’t buy a dog just because your kid(s) wants to have a cuddly toy. It’s a life-time liability for your whole family.

3. When buying a dog remember that he will live for a dozen or so years, through which he will become a full-fledged family member.

4. Dog’s equals costs. It’s not only the cost of a puppy itself, but also every mandatory vaccination, deworming, vet visits, dog dry food, vitamins and toys.

5. Know the breed. If you plan to buy a puppy, it’s important that you get to know as much about the breed as possible before you make a purchase.
Remember – Find the breed which best matches your lifestyle.

Setters are dogs for the active people, who like to spend their free time outside their homes. If you prefer staying at home watching TV or surfing the internet, than taking a walk in the woods with your dog then we advise against buying a setter. Short walk around the block or leaving the dog alone in the backyard or apartament is not enough.
It is a very energetic dog that needs a lot of movement, a possibility of running free, while maintaing interaction with human and intelectual challenges. Although this is a gun dog breed, we ourselves don’t need to be hunters, to make our setter happy. Still his energy should be used up in the field.

These breeds are also execellent in different areas like for example running next to the bike (after they reach their first year), running next to the horses, jogging. They are also great in sports like agility, frisbee, flyball, obedience. But the most all-round, versatile is Irish Red and White Setter which is also used in dogotherapy, dog-rescue trainings, different sled dog teams (especially in Finland and Norway). Setters are very keen on working with a guide and they only have eyes for their master. An opportunity to fulfill a task for their owner fills them with joy and makes them happy.

Setters are great family dogs, which do not display any aggression. They love making contact with children and are very gentle and sensitive dogs. They also are great in getting together with other animals, like other dogs or even cats. Some are learning faster, while others learn slower. Some setters are easily trained, while others can become quite a challenge. Still they all need a consistent yet gentle treatment. It is widely known, that every setter breed differs one from another with body build, type of coat, color and character. That’s why you should get to know every breed before buying a puppy, so that you could buy one that suits you best.

Setters can live both in a block of flats/town house and a house with a garden as long, as they get adeuate amount of activity and mental tasks.