INT’L CH/GCH CH Greengate N Ruairi’s Thunder From Down Under 

Sire: GCHS Nauvoo Angus Dundee (Aust Imp)
Dam: CH Kellyglen N Greengate Dispicable Me

SS16876504 HIPS-IR-12951-F31M-P-VPI PRA-IR-PRA683/7M-PI RCD4-IR-P4-254/7M-PI VWD-IR-VW2/7M-PI CLAD-IR-CLD308/7M-PI DM-IR-DM55/7M-PI GCL-IR-GCL2/7M-PI AKC DNA-V960072 HIPS-IR12951F31M-P-VPI THYROID-Normal IR-TH1035/12M-VPI Microchip 991001003479133 CHIC# 171771

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Call Name Quigley


11/13/20 ISC of Jacksonville            RWD                                                     Mr.Eric Ringle

11/13/20 ISC of Jacksonville            WD/BOW      3 point Major     Mr.Jerry Berkowitz

02/26/2021 Greater Panama KC     WD/BOW/OS   4 point Major   Mrs Anne Katona

02/27/2021 Greater Panama KC     WD/BOW/OS   4 point Major   Mrs Horn Hummer