In Honor of my Dad here is the Elvis Presley Movie Litter. 
GCh Ch. Cairncross Ruairi’s Jailhouse Rock (Rufus) GCh.Seafarer’s paper Gangsta (patty)
3 Boys 3 Girls Born 11/20/2012

Pedigree” Elvis Movie Litter”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Ch Cairncross Ruairi’s Jailhose Rock

Ch Cairncross Rhinestone Cowboy

Ch Cairncross Skyline In Sync
Ch Keliaire Brandy Alexandra
Ch Cairncross Rumor Has It Ch Cairncross One Wild Oat
Ch Cairncross St Elmo’s Fire


Ch Seafarer’s Paper Gangsta

Am/Can GCh Captiva Quitte Ou Double Am/Can Ch Captiva’s Tommy Hilfiger
Am/Can Ch McDerry Odds Are
Ch Seafarer’s What I Love About Sunday Ch Caib Special Delivery Cooper
Ch. Deco’s Afterburrn

Grey Boy/ Gates

 Burgundy Boy/Reno

Orange Girl/Mary

Lavender Girl/ Pacer

Pink Girl/ Presley

Blue Boy/ Jackson