GCH CH Ruairi’s Harry Potter’s Creative Genius POA- aka J.K

Sire: Int’l CH/CH Greengate N Ruairi’s Thunder From Down Under
Dam: Int’l CH/CH Ruairi’s Don’t Be Gator Bait

SS33594010 HIPS- PRA-IR-PRA-852/9F-PI RCD4-IR-P4-391/9F-PI VWD-IR-VWD-112/9F-PI CLAD-IR-CLD-433/9F-PI DM-IR-DM-184/9F-PI GCL-IR-GCL-109/9FPI AKC DNA-V10087775  THYROID-Normal IR-TH1328-16F-VPI Microchip 956000013710270 CHIC# 


Jk finished with 5 BOB wins over specials and 2 BOS all from the puppy classes

06/18/2023    St Petersburg Dog Fanciers Assn     W/BW/BOB      Mr.Kenneth A Buxton. to Finish

05/12/2023     Southeast Alabama KC    W/BOS    Mrs. Judith A Brown.

04/02/2023    Lawrenceville KC inc    W/BW/BOB    Mrs.Cindy Vogels.

02/19/2023    Lakeland Winter Haven KC    W/BOS    Mr.Eugene Blake.

02/18/2023    Lakeland Winter Haven KC    W/BOW/BOB    Dr.Steven D Herman.

10/30/2022    Brandon Florida KC    W/BW/BOB    Mr.Brian Meyer.

10/29/2022    Brandon Florida KC    W/BW/BOB    Mr.Terry Stacy.