This is a contractual sales agreement for the ownership of a show quality Irish Setter.The parties to this agreement are Amanda Evans (seller) and _____________ (purchase).
1. Ownership shall be transferred to the purchaser upon the receipt of the total selling price in cash or other agreed upon funds, which is due when the purchaser takes possession of the dog. If at such time the registration papers are not available, they will be mail as soon as possible.
2. The purchaser agrees to provide general and veterinary care for the dog. Seller will replace the dog with a puppy should the dog have any disqualifying fault’s such as PRA,hip displasia, The replacement shall occur from the first litter bred or any other litter mutually agreed upon by the parties to this contract following diagnosis by a licensed veterinarian,and proof of spaying/neutering of the original dog or return of the original dog. (at the expense of the purchaser.)


3. The purchaser agrees that the dog will be kept and maintained in the house of the purchaser with proper feeding,care,shelter and a fenced yard. The purchaser further agrees to attend one series of obedience classes and to educate themselves in charactistics of the breed in order to fully understand the habits ,history, and advantages of Irish Setter ownership.
4. The purchaser agrees to adhere to the health guidelines supplied at the time of purchase. If these guidelines are not followed section #2 of this contract becomes null and void.
5. The seller guarantee’s that the dog is in good shape. A health record will be supplied at the time the purchaser takes possession of the dog. Purchaser agrees have this dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of taking possession .If the puppy’s health is found to be unsatisfactory within 48 hours it may be returned for a full refund.If for any reason purchaser can no longer keep/care for the puppy/dog if shall be returned to Amanda Evans (at purchasers expense). Not doing so will result in $10000.00 damages plus if used for breeding at new home $1000.00 for each puppy produced (all legal fee’s will be at purchasers expense).
6. The purchaser agrees to show this puppy for conformation and, if possible to the completion of its AKC championship at the expense of purchaser.The purchaser also agrees NOT TO BREED this puppy until hips, eyes.and thyroid have been cleared and  AKC Conformation Championship title has been obtained on the dog. Dog will be co-owned with seller until dog has championship or registration changed to limited to prevent pre-championship and Health testing breeding. Doing so will result in $10000.00 damages plus  (all legal fee’s will be at purchasers expense).
7. This agreement is made and signed by both parties to assure the well-being and protection of this animal and to help assure the continued soundness and quality of the Irish Setter breed. No part of this contract is transferable, any and all litigation that may take place will occur within the County seller resides. Buyer further agrees to indemnify breeder from any costs that result in any court actions.
Seller: _________________________________________ Date:____________
Buyer:________________________________________   Date:_____________