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  1. I am so happy to find this page! I am looking for a setter waiting for his/her forever loving home. I have had 5 Iris Setters <3

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I hope this note finds you and your pups all happy and well. I was wondering are all female puppies are all spoken for. Thanks for your time. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    Just wondering if you were able to get the Ultrasound on Caviar. Have a great weekend. Busy week ahead, for sure!
    Take good care.

  4. Hi Amanda,
    Just wondering if your Caviar was able to whelp her puppies today. Hope everyone is okay. Can’t wait to hear your good news! Stay safe!

  5. Love your story and check your website periodically just to see something beautiful and fun, your dogs. They lift my spirit and are like looking at living art. The fact that to you they are family members is one of the best things about you and your breeding program. In a world where so many people don’t care about animals and just see them as a commodity, you see them as individual living, feeling, deserving creatures and so do my husband and me. I will follow the pictures as long as you post them.
    Just an update, Cobber is doing well and is scheduled to be neutered on April 20. He never again attacked our Border Collie mix, he came to like her but he wanted to play and she was physically unable to do that. We had to let her go in mid-March and he acted stand-offish with us for several days after we to her to the vet and didn’t bring her home. He is ok now and we try to borrow our daughter little dog she recently adopted so he can have someone to play with. They get along fine but don’t really play together alot. Her dog is a small mix breed around 10-12 lbs and just over a year old. I think if we get them together more often it will work better we just need to actually do it.

  6. Hello. Love seeing your photos; they are joyful. Have raised IS 50 yrs, but now wondering about a companion for my lone girl.

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